The main governing body is PZN (Polish Ski Association) which partners up with SITN - Ski instructors Association, and SITS - Snowboard Instructors Association

First of all, there is no regulation that explicitly determines the level of foreign instructors who may work in Poland. The biggest problem can be the language. On the other hand a British speaking instructor can be attractive for customers who want their children to learn English.

Working for a Polish ski school:

With a valid BASI 2 License you can apply to any ski/snowboard school in Poland.

Salary: 10GBP - 20GBP per hour.

Work permits ar not required, as UK and Poland are EU members.

Opening up a ski school:

EU citizen may open a ski school in Poland. The requirements are:

- residence permit

- min. ISIA stamp level (equivalent of Polish PZN Proffesional Instructor)

- PZN license

- owner must hire 5 other instructors

- pay a fee - around 150GBP

Bringing a group of clients to Poland as a self employed inin UK:

It's enough to get a permission from the local ski resort.

Polish Ski Association (Polski Związek Narciarski) – ISIA and FIS member. Offical, national wintersport organisation

ul. Mieszczańska 18/3

30-313 Kraków

tel. +48 12 26 09 970

fax. +48 12 26 97 112


e-mail: office@pzn.pl

SITN - Ski instructors Association

ul. Dębowa 6/1

30-308 Kraków

tel. +48 12 636 17 75

e-mail: biuro@sitn.pl

SITS - Snowboard Instructors Association

ul. Wysockiego 6

51-692 Wrocław

Tel. +48 604 615 856

e-mail: biuro@sits.org.pl

Special thanks to BASI Member,  Krzysztof Dabrowski,  for providing this information. 

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