Cross Country Level 2 Qualification

Modules required for Level 2 Qualification:



Cross Country Level 2 Course

Course Price: £699

This is a 10 day on-mountain training and assessment course in which Technical and Teaching skills are developed and assessed.

Successful students will demonstrate XC Skiing to a competent level and have the knowledge, ability and understanding to teach in a variety of situations. Students who do not reach the required level may be required to re-sit all or parts of the course.
If a candidate fails both the Teaching and Technical elements of the Level 2 course they must retake the whole 10 day level 2 course.
If a candidate fails either the Teaching or Technical element of the course, they can book onto the Level 2 re-assessment course (Technical or Teaching).


Course Price: £499
This is a 5 day course delivered on-snow.

If a candidate is exempt from Teaching or Technical, they can book onto the Level 2 re-assessment course to be assessed in Technical or Teaching to complete the Level 2 qualification. 
If a candidate fails the re-assessment course twice, they must complete the whole Level 2 course again.
Re-assessments must be taken within 2 years of the date of the course failed, otherwise the candidate will be required to retake the whole level 2 course. 

When a L2/L3 Combined course is running, members can book the first week for a technical reassessment, and the second week for a teaching reassessment. Please contact the office directly to book this.

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Cross Country Level 2 Re-Assessment

35 hrs Snowsport School Experience

A further 35 hours minimum of shadowing/teaching experience is required as part of the Level 2 Instructor Qualification. These hours need to be completed after the Level 1 qualification and before attending the Level 2 Instructor Course. They must be submitted to the BASI office 5 days prior to commencing the Level 2 Instructor Course. Ideally these hours should be teaching on a dry slope or indoor slope or shadowing an instructor in a snowsport school in Europe. A maximum of 6 of these hours can be completed at slopes using Maxxtracks technology, such as Skiplex or Chel-ski**.

If all signed hours are not received at the BASI Office FIVE days prior to commencement of the course, then you will not be eligible to attend the course and there will be no refund. It is your responsibility to organise this in a timely manner.

Students should provide a breakdown in writing of what they have covered during their Snowsport School experience, this should be on headed Snowsport School paper and be signed by the Snowsport School supervisor. 

For a BASI Log Sheet Click Here

** Due to the nature of these slopes the instructor should always be mindful of how their lesson could be given on a dry slope or indoor snow slope where there are more slope users and a change of terrain (angle and underfoot conditions). Clients should be given instruction in accordance with the FIS code, particularly with regards to safety.