Intro to BASI Sessions

Come along to one of our introduction to BASI sessions to find out a bit more about the BASI system, how to become a ski or snowboard instructor and see if you're ready to book onto a level 1 course.  

During the session, we'll run through the level 1 technical and teaching criteria as well as the course content.

All sessions are run by BASI trainers. There's no charge for the session but please try and book on in advance as spaces are limited. You'll just need to buy a lift pass on the day.
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Intro To BASI - Ski11/06/2024 - 11/06/2024Hemel Hempstead6 / 8IBS11062411/06/2024 00:00:00
Intro To BASI - Snowboard11/06/2024 - 11/06/2024Hemel Hempstead0 / 8IBSB11062411/06/2024 00:00:00
Intro To BASI - Ski18/06/2024 - 18/06/2024Castleford1 / 10IBS18062418/06/2024 00:00:00
Intro To BASI - Ski02/07/2024 - 02/07/2024Milton Keynes3 / 8IBS02072402/07/2024 00:00:00
Intro To BASI - Ski03/07/2024 - 03/07/2024Manchester6 / 8IBS03072403/07/2024 00:00:00
Intro To BASI - Snowboard03/07/2024 - 03/07/2024Manchester2 / 8IBSB03072403/07/2024 00:00:00
Intro To BASI - Snowboard09/07/2024 - 09/07/2024Milton Keynes0 / 8IBSB09072409/07/2024 00:00:00
Intro To BASI - Ski07/08/2024 - 07/08/2024Tamworth2 / 8IBS06082407/08/2024 18:00:00
Intro To BASI - Snowboard07/08/2024 - 07/08/2024Tamworth0 / 8IBSB06082407/08/2024 18:00:00

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