Why Join BASI?

Everyone who decides to join BASI has their own “why” but we all have one thing in common – our passion for our sport and sharing it with others. If you teach snow sports or are interested in teaching, if you want to  improve your personal performance, organise snow sports holidays for your club or school, or simply have an interest in this great industry, you should join BASI.
Why you choose to join and how far you take your qualifications is entirely up to you. Since 1963 we have been training snow sports instructors and our diverse membership provides a valuable professional network across five continents, in over 38 countries. We look forward to welcoming you. 

Professional Value of BASI Membership

Professional Value

Associate Member

Full Member

Life Member



Licensed Member

Non Licensed Member


Relevant, accredited training and development

Professional support network for career /business development

Globally recognised qualifications & accreditation


Scottish Credit Qualification Framework credited learning

Work/employment opportunities via BASI Jobs



Professional Liability Insurance when working as an instructor within your remit



What happens when you join us?

Individuals join BASI as an Associate Member first. This gives you immediate access to:

  • Your Member Pro Deals and Offers (via Member area)
  • Your personal Member area (where you can book your courses, read course reports)
  • BASI Member Area (where you can join in the community groups and explore the BASI professional network)
  • BASI Newsletters
  • BASI Discipline Manuals & Teaching Resources
  •   ​

    Moving to another category of membership depends on the instructor qualifications you gain and, of course, your own personal goals. If you want to work as a professional snowsports instructor you will want to achieve a minimum BASI Level 1 qualification and keep it up to date through BASI’s continued professional development courses (CPD).