BASI Coaching

  • BASI Coaching Course (this is the module required for Ski and Snowboard Level 3 & 4 Instructor Qualifications)

BASI Coaching Course

Course Price: £479
This is a 4 day training and assessment course.

The BASI coaching course is designed to equip BASI instructors with an understanding and ability to adapt their education gained through their discipline specific instructors’ pathway to the competition environment.

The course is for the instructor to have the sound knowledge and competences to assist competition training within the remit of the instructor qualification held.  

For Ski, this will be centred around Alpine Ski Racing, for Snowboard, this will be centred around Freestyle, and for Cross Country this will be Classic and Skating.

*NB for members working towards their L3 Cross Country qualification the coaching course is an optional module.*

View the equipment list for the Coaching - Ski course here.

Cross Country members attending the  coaching course should bring non-back country skis for Classic, and skating skis for Skating. Please come equipped with clothing and equipment suitable for high performance.

Please note there is no additional equipment required for the Coaching - Snowboard course.

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