UK Level 2 Qualification

Modules required for UK Level 2 Instructor Qualification:

Course Price: £435
Course Duration: 5 days


Re-assessments must be taken within 2 years of the date of the course failed otherwise the candidate will be required to pay for and attend the whole course again.

If a candidate fails the UK Level 2 course, they can book onto a 1 day Level 1 Re-assessment course.

If a candidate fails the 1 day Re-assessment course twice, they must complete the whole 5 day UK Level 2 course again.  Alternatively candidates can attend the 10 day Level 2 Instructor course which, if successful would give them the Level 2 qualification.

Holders of the UK Level 2 qualification who fail the Level 2 Re-assessment twice must retake the whole Level 2, 10 day course.

If a candidate passes the UK Level 2 course, they are able to book onto a 5 day Level 2 Re-assessment course which would give them the Level 2 qualification.

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A total of 35 hours minimum of teaching/snowsport school experience is part of the Level 1 Instructor Qualification. These hours need to be completed after attending the Level 1 Instructor Course, any hours completed before attending this course will not be accepted, as we perceive the information you gain from the Level 1 Course will enhance your understanding of BASI philosophies.

Teaching/Snowsport School experience may include any of the following: 

  • Understanding how bookings are taken and how people are selected into different standards 
  • Shadowing experienced Instructors delivering lessons 
  • Hours completed at slopes using Maxxtracks technology, such as Skiplex or Chel-ski**
  • Understanding how customer satisfaction is assessed and how dissatisfied customers are dealt with
  • Understanding how the Customer satisfaction procedures improve Instructor and administrative practices 
  • Taking part in and understanding in house staff training for Instructors 
  • Understanding how Snowsports Schools maintain Safety standards and maintain their currency of good practise 
  • Understanding the Risk Assessment process that Snowsport Schools and Instructors take 
  • Understanding Accident and First Aid procedures including accident reporting 

Students should provide a breakdown in writing of what they have covered during their Snowsport School experience, this should be on headed Snowsport School paper and be signed by the Snowsport School supervisor. 

For a BASI Log Sheet Click Here

** Due to the nature of these slopes the instructor should always be mindful of how their lesson could be given on a dry slope or indoor snow slope where there are more slope users and a change of terrain (angle and underfoot conditions). Clients should be given instruction in accordance with the FIS code, particularly with regards to safety.