First Aid

Q: Why do I need a First Aid certificate?

A: As an instructor you will be responsible for clients and at times may be working alone in remote situations. You may find yourself in the position of a “first responder” in the event of an accident. BASI believe it is good practice for Members who wish to receive a licence to instruct to have a valid and relevant first aid certificate. Every Member is responsible for ensuring that they maintain a valid first aid certificate that is suitable for the country in which they are instructing. A solid grounding in first aid compliments your qualifications both on and off the mountain.

Q: What First Aid Course qualification does BASI accept?

A: BASI's requirements for first aid are as follows:

  • A minimum of 12 hours / 2 days duration

There are numerous First Aid course providers that meet the BASI requirements, some can be found here. If you have found a course that you think may be suitable but is not listed you can check the course validity by contacting BASI.

Q: How often must I renew my First Aid certificate?

A: Members who require a Licence to instruct must update their first aid by the expiry date on their current first aid certificate and in any event not more than 3 years after their date of attendance on their last first aid course. An updated version of our First Aid Policy can be found here.

Q: When do I need to do my First Aid Course?

A: In order to receive your first Qualification Award from BASI you must send a copy of a valid first aid certificate the BASI office. You can do this before or after your first BASI course. In order to receive a licence to instruct you must keep your First Aid certificate valid (First Aid certificates are usually valid for 3 years).

Q: Where can I do my First Aid Course?

A: There are a number of suitable First Aid course providers including BASI, who provide courses at a range of venues. BASI First Aid Courses and links to other providers are listed here.

Q: Can I get an Exemption from First Aid?

A: First Aid Exemptions will be considered for the following categories of profession

1. Medical doctors registered with the General Medical Council

2. Registered nurses whose names are on the Single Professional Register maintained by the

    United Kingdom of Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting

3. Paramedics

4. Serving military personnel, police officers, fire brigade, other ambulance personnel, and


BASI will only accept an application for exemption that contains evidence that the applicants qualification and practices are carried out in an environment other than what is deemed as their “normal place of work” and

Specifically demonstrating use of these skills in an outdoor environment. Any application for exemption requires evidence of eligibility in any of the listed categories and the following declaration endorsed by your head of department or supervisor. Anyone applying for a First Aid Exemption must complete the declaration and submit their First Aid Exemption request along with supporting evidence to BASI, Morlich House, 17 The Square, Grantown on Spey, PH26 3GH. A First Aid Policy and Exemption form is available here.