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We're delighted to announce that you can now complete an Online Carbon Literacy Training Course delivered by our friends at Protect Our Winters UK as your BASI CPD. 

Here's an overview from POW UK of the carbon literacy training

Protect Our Winters UK (POW UK) exists to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral society. We are a registered charity that inspires and equips communities to take positive action to address the climate crisis.

Recent years have shown high profile international climate reports and summits from bodies of the United Nations, governments, and many other organisations, as well as increased coverage of the urgency in the media. Despite the scale of the problem, many of us find the science daunting, which is a big barrier to owning the problem.

It can be difficult to understand and articulate the science behind the climate crisis that makes climate action so vital and so urgent. Even those who feel inspired to act are often unsure about what to do and what is effective. Overall, carbon literacy levels are low across all levels of society. However, we know that when people understand the issue, they are more accountable and motivated to take action, meaning training is a hugely effective way to empower change.

At POW UK we are aware that this also applies to those in the outdoor community, people and organisations who climate change is already and will continue to directly impact. We would like to be able to look back with integrity and say: “We made a decision to do everything in our power to protect our climate, now and for future generations.” This is why POW UK has developed Carbon Literacy Training to deliver to its community.

The training is a 1 day course designed to the Carbon Literacy Standard developed by the UN-recognised Carbon Literacy Project (CLP). It is designed to give anyone “an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.”

This course is accredited by the CLP. This ensures the Learning Method, Knowledge, Values, & Action are suitable to empower the learners to act. The course is tailored for outdoor communities, making it significantly more impactful to our community and industry. As well as information on the causes and impacts of climate change, it includes interactive discussions about how to talk about climate change, and what the participants can do about it both individually and within organisations, making it suitable for anyone living or working within this area.

The course is available as an online live workshop, best delivered in 2-4 sessions.

The course cost is £65. This supports POW UK in our mission and allows us to deliver the course and keep it up to date. It also includes assessment and certification by the CLP. 

Benefits from taking the course include:
 - Equip yourself with knowledge on climate change
 - Know what workplace and personal life changes you can make to address it
 - Make better strategic decisions considering the impacts of climate change
 - Talk confidently on the topic

Any route to achieving the Paris goals requires steep and immediate reductions in emissions. However, the latest data shows global emissions continue to rise. Carbon literacy is key in bringing about change.

For more information contact Dominic Winter, Carbon Literacy Manager, Protect Our Winters UK E: ; M: 07565606688