BASI 2020 Members Survey results
The results of the 2020 BASI Members survey are in. We want to say a huge thanks to everyone that participated in the 2019/20 BASI Members survey. The next step is for us to use these results to set up working groups and focus on the topics you’ve asked us to focus on. We're aiming to get these groups up and running in the new financial year which starts on the 1st of June. However, if you expressed an interest in being involved with any of the working groups we may be in touch before then to get the ball rolling. 

 Brexit Update February 2020

Brexit Update - What have BASI been doing and what’s the latest news?  


Since the UK officially left the EU on 31st January 2020, we wanted to give you an update on where BASI qualifications stand in a post-Brexit environment. We know there are still lots of unknowns, but here are a few points to tell you what we do know.  

The first and most important point to make is that we are now in the transition period; however, this also means there have been no actual changes. The rules and agreements that were in place before 2300h GMT on the 31st January 2020 remain in place now and will run until at least 31st December 2020.  

Secondly, the indicators are that BASI qualifications will continue to be recognised in Europe after the transition period is complete. This is reassuring but hopefully not a surprise; BASI spent the past decade building, investing in and strengthening our relationships with our European partners so that today, not only will the qualification framework we’ve created over the years continue to be recognised in Europe, but also so that we will continue to benefit from regular and close contact with other nations’ Associations. 

We continue to have a full-time member of staff on the Board of Interski International, the Snowsports umbrella organisation with its three specialised associations - the ISIA (The International Ski Instructors Association), IVSI (The International Association for Amateur Ski Instructors) and IVSS (The International Association for skiing in Schools and Universities). Having Dave Renouf (International and Educational Development Manager) acting as one of seven members of the Interski Board ensures we are plugged-in to a major international decision-making body and keeps us in the loop in terms of any potential developments.  

The third point is that we’ll continue to be included in the EU Commission Delegated Act for ski instructors and the associated Common Training Test (CTT) Agreement. Mostly recently we’ve attended the calibrations of the openers for the EU CTT technical test during which there were also many discussions relating to the ongoing improvements and successes for the CTT. As part of BASI’s continuing commitment to support the EU Delegated Act, BASI has openers attending CTT technical tests in Europe. Sega Fairweather attended her first test as one of the openers last week; she performed incredibly well and we’re delighted to have a female opener as part of the BASI openers team. Sega is the only female opener in Europe! 

We decided to align our qualifications with the Scottish Credit Qualification Framework (SCQF) several years ago, which in turn aligns with the European Qualification Framework (EQF). Not only does this gives our European counterparts an alternative tool which they can use to recognise the level of our qualifications, but it also enables our members to gain recognition for the time and effort they’ve put in to their Snowsports career if they choose to apply for jobs in completely different sectors. 

The final point is that we’ve been in regular contact with the UK Government departments responsible for promoting and protecting the rights of UK citizens working abroad. Whilst the BEIS (Business, Enterprise, Innovation and Skills) and DDCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) both advise us that a reciprocity agreement is in place (i.e. if we treat EU Citizens in the UK nicely, they’ll do the same to British Nationals working in the EU), we are however expecting some of our members to experience a bit of turbulence whilst negotiations are conducted and as changes to working rights in Europe take shape.  

We are being advised that BASI instructors who are currently registered to work in other European countries and who pay tax there shouldn’t have any issues continuing to do so. To avoid inconvenience in the short term, BASI recommends that instructors register to work in the countries that they intend to work in, anticipating that new working rights arrangements post Brexit may take some time.   

Whilst we’re all having to endure the ambiguity caused by Brexit, the issue doesn’t seem to have impacted the number of people interested in attending BASI courses; our Membership is still growing, reaching an all-time high of 6,500 in October 2019 and our Alpine level 1 course attendance is up 10% on level 1’s year on year.  We’re also still seeing a steady stream of Jobs on the BASI Jobs Board with an increase in opportunities in China and Japan.  

As this all plays out, if you have any Brexit questions about how it will affect you, please do get in touch. We may not have the answers, but your questions may be of use when dealing with the UK government representatives and the questions BASI can put to them about how processes are envisioned post BREXIT. Please also try to keep the rumour mill under control; whilst social media can act as a tremendous support network it can also send myths and untruths around our community faster than Sega Fairweather herself!

 Pre Notice February 2020

Invitation to stand for Election 

BASI is seeking nominations from members with the commitment and enthusiasm to serve on the BASI Board. We seek individuals who can demonstrate the specific skills that relate to the positions available and may have prior experience working with a member association or club environment.  Evidence of experience and skills must be included in your application and CV. 
The deadline for candidates is Friday 21 February 2020 and all information regarding eligibility and job descriptions are available here

A General Meeting of The British Association of Snowsport Instructors Limited will be held on Sunday 19 April 2020 in Hintertux, Austria for the purpose of electing the following positions: 

Ordinary resolution 1 - Telemark Director 
Ordinary resolution 2 - Marketing Director 
Ordinary resolution 3 – Ombudsman (not a Board position) 

Nominations must be from the Member wishing to stand and include the following: 

  • A statement of your willingness to serve BASI in the role of Director 
  • A CV which demonstrates the skills and experience you have for the position - CV’s will be published in the voting documents and on the BASI website (Members area).  
  • A personal statement of no more than 150 words to be published in the voting documents and on the BASI web site. 
  • Proposer and Seconder:  
    A personal email or letter marked ‘Nominations’ FAO of Mr Robert James Lister, BASI Chairman - sent to Karen Race, BASI,  Morlich House, 17 The Square, Grantown on Spey, Morayshire, PH26 3HG ( ) must be received from each proposer and seconder. Proposers and Seconders must be current Full or Life Members who are eligible to vote in respect of the position that they are proposing or seconding.  Proposer and Seconder nominations must be received no later than 5pm on Friday 21 February 2020. 
  •  A suitable recent head shot photograph (no hats or goggles, - jpeg format) of yourself sent by email to  
  • Telemark Director can be voted for by all current Full and Life Telemark members. Marketing Director and Ombudsman can be elected by all full and Life members. 

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

 The News EU CTT Stickers

The New EU CTT Stickers

What these are & the actions some may need to take to receive one

If you are currently a licensed Level 4 member and have previously received and MoU sticker you will automatically receive, or may have already received, the new CTT sticker. This replaces the old MoU sticker. If, however, you are no longer a BASI member or no longer hold an up-to-date BASI licence, but intend to continue to work, then you need to know that things have changed and you may need to take action. BASI wants to help you as much as we can so you can continue to work under the aims of the new delegated act. 

Historically in France, for certain individuals, it has been possible to obtain the MoU sticker from either of the French ski instructors’ unions. This is no longer the case; the EU Commission delegated authority has informed these French unions that they must only issue the CTT stickers to French qualified instructors (e.g. those who hold the BEES 1er degré option ski Alpin).  

In anticipation that some BASI qualified instructors may have relied on this process in the past, we want to ensure that BASI are able to issue these instructors with a CTT sticker so that they can continue to work. If this scenario applies to you, then you will need to re-join BASI for the standard annual membership fee but, as we want to help as much as possible, we will waive any rejoin fees this year. You will still need to provide the office with evidence of your;  

  1. Current valid Carte Professionnelle 
  2. A valid first aid certificate – our list of providers/courses is here
  3. Having completed an annual CPD – our online CPD, valid for one year only, will suffice 

Some of you might not know about the background of the CTT. “CTT” stands for Common Training Test, and it is the new test relating to the Delegated Act 2019/907 of 14 March 2019 for ski instructors. It effectively replaces the Eurotest. Documentation regarding this was made available publicly on the EU Commission website on the 6 June 2019 and communicated by BASI in the Chair/CEO Report sent out on the 19 June 2019. 

The EU Commission delegated authority has the complete list of all instructors eligible for a CTT sticker and the associated individual number for each named instructor from each European Member State. Only those European ski instructors who fulfil the criteria according to the Delegated Act 2019/907 of March 14, 2019 are entitled to receive a CTT sticker. It is anticipated that these CTT stickers will only be needed for one year, as a new EU database listing all EU ski instructors who fulfil the CTT criteria should be in place before the end of 2020. 

Each CTT sticker has a number that is allocated to an individual ski instructor, and indicates the country of qualification origin, which makes it uniquely identifiable. A sticker can only be authorised for distribution by the original national qualifying organisation that issued the qualification (i.e. ENSA, BASI, Collegio Regionale etc). 

We hope that this information is clear, if you have any further queries then please do contact the office if you need further guidance. 

Wishing you all the very best for the rest of the season. 

Tom Cloke 

BASI interim CEO & Change Lead 

 Intro to BASI
   Come along to one of our introducton to BASI sessions and find out how to become a ski instructor with BASI.

Intro to BASI Sessions

Come along to one of our introduction to BASI sessions to find out a bit more about the BASI system, how to become a ski or snowboard instructor and see if you're ready to book onto a level 1 course.  

During the session, we'll run through the level 1 technical and teaching criteria as well as the course content.

All sessions are run by BASI trainers. There's no charge for the session but please try and book on in advance as spaces are limited. You'll just need to buy a lift pass on the day.

What's it like being a BASI Instructor? Find out from our members...




 Brexit - Help for Individuals and Businesses
There are a couple of useful reference websites that members may want to make use of.
If we are sent any more, we will add them here.

French website - How to prepare for Brexit
British Government website - Get Ready for Brexit

 Response Letter from MP
Last month we emailed a template letter for BASI members to use to contact their local MP regarding Brexit. Below is a response Andrew Lockerbie received following his communication.

Dear Andrew, 

Thank you for your letter of 2 August addressed to the Prime Minister, sharing the work of the British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI). I recognise the great work you have done with my department and its predecessors to support British sports professionals in Europe. 

Your letter highlights the issues faced by British professionals working in the EU and requests that we continue to negotiate to get a deal. I can reassure you that we will work in an energetic and determined way to get a deal. We are very willing to sit down with the Commission and EU Member States to talk about what needs to be done to achieve that. 

I fully recognise that Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications is important for many UK businesses and individuals and our goal is an agreement centred on a best in class Free Trade Agreement with the EU. The UK has already put in place arrangements to uphold recognition decisions issued by UK regulators made prior to Exit. Similarly, the Commission has stated that recognition decisions made prior to Exit by EU Member States on qualifications obtained in the UK will not be affected. This should ensure your members already working in the EU retain valid qualifications. 

We are committed to working closely with UK regulators and BEIS policy officials will be in contact to ensure that we fully understand your interests. 

Thank you once again for taking the time to write. I hope you find this response helpful.

Yours sincerely,


You can find a copy of the original letter here 

If you would also like to write to your local MP, please find a link to the template letter here  

 Brexit and your BASI qualification

Q. Will BASI Qualifications still be valid post Brexit?

A. Brexit will not affect the validity of your BASI qualification. BASI qualifications are aligned to the SCQF, which in turn is aligned to the European Qualification Framework. Your BASI qualification will continue to be recognised internationally post Brexit. Your ability to work in Europe post Brexit, as an instructor, will depend on how individual European countries decide to treat British passport holders as we will no longer enjoy the same “freedom of movement” we currently enjoy as members of the EU.

 New Board Directors elected!

Massive congratulations to the new BASI Trainers Director, Henry Meredith Hardy, the new BASI Snowboard Director, Stephen Moll  for be elected to the Board!

Trainers Director - Henry Meredith Hardy

Snowboard Director - Stephen Moll


 2020 International Course Calendar

2019/20 International Course Calendar