Brexit - Help for Individuals and Businesses
There are a couple of useful reference websites that members may want to make use of.
If we are sent any more, we will add them here.

French website - How to prepare for Brexit
British Government website - Get Ready for Brexit

 Response Letter from MP
Last month we emailed a template letter for BASI members to use to contact their local MP regarding Brexit. Below is a response Andrew Lockerbie received following his communication.

Dear Andrew, 

Thank you for your letter of 2 August addressed to the Prime Minister, sharing the work of the British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI). I recognise the great work you have done with my department and its predecessors to support British sports professionals in Europe. 

Your letter highlights the issues faced by British professionals working in the EU and requests that we continue to negotiate to get a deal. I can reassure you that we will work in an energetic and determined way to get a deal. We are very willing to sit down with the Commission and EU Member States to talk about what needs to be done to achieve that. 

I fully recognise that Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications is important for many UK businesses and individuals and our goal is an agreement centred on a best in class Free Trade Agreement with the EU. The UK has already put in place arrangements to uphold recognition decisions issued by UK regulators made prior to Exit. Similarly, the Commission has stated that recognition decisions made prior to Exit by EU Member States on qualifications obtained in the UK will not be affected. This should ensure your members already working in the EU retain valid qualifications. 

We are committed to working closely with UK regulators and BEIS policy officials will be in contact to ensure that we fully understand your interests. 

Thank you once again for taking the time to write. I hope you find this response helpful.

Yours sincerely,


You can find a copy of the original letter here 

If you would also like to write to your local MP, please find a link to the template letter here  

 Intro to BASI
   Come along to one of our introducton to BASI sessions and find out how to become a ski instructor with BASI.

Intro to BASI Sessions

Come along to one of our introduction to BASI sessions to find out a bit more about the BASI system, how to become a ski or snowboard instructor and see if you're ready to book onto a level 1 course. 

All sessions are run by BASI trainers. There's no charge for the session but please try and book on in advance as spaces are limited. You'll just need to buy a lift pass on the day.

What's it like being a BASI Instructor? Find out from our members...




 Brexit and your BASI qualification

Q. Will BASI Qualifications still be valid post Brexit?

A. Brexit will not affect the validity of your BASI qualification. BASI qualifications are aligned to the SCQF, which in turn is aligned to the European Qualification Framework. Your BASI qualification will continue to be recognised internationally post Brexit. Your ability to work in Europe post Brexit, as an instructor, will depend on how individual European countries decide to treat British passport holders as we will no longer enjoy the same “freedom of movement” we currently enjoy as members of the EU.

 New Board Directors elected!

Massive congratulations to the new BASI Trainers Director, Henry Meredith Hardy, the new BASI Snowboard Director, Stephen Moll  for be elected to the Board!

Trainers Director - Henry Meredith Hardy

Snowboard Director - Stephen Moll


 2020 International Course Calendar

2019/20 International Course Calendar

 Your BASI Board Needs You!
   Board posts for election in April 2019

Invitation to stand for Election

BASI is seeking nominations from members with the commitment and enthusiasm to serve on the BASI Board. We seek individuals who can demonstrate the specific skill sets that relate to the positions available and may have prior experience working with a member association or club environment.  Evidence of experience and skills must be included in your application and CV.

The deadline for applications is Friday 01 March 2019 and all information regarding eligibility, how to apply and job descriptions are available by clicking on the title link at the top of this news item -  "Your BASI Board Needs You!"

A General Meeting of The British Association of Snowsport Instructors Limited will be held on Sunday 28 April 2019  in Hintertux, Austria for the purpose of electing the following Board members:

Snowboard Director

Trainers’ Director

Chair Elect

Legal Director

 John Swift - A personal tribute
It is with great fondness and sadness that we report on the loss of John Swift, who passed before Christmas  following a lengthy illness. John will be known to many members who have worked or skied in Courchevel with Ski Supreme and on Cairngorm Mountain, where John had his home-base.

John Anderson has written the following personal tribute to John Swift:

 2018-19 Festive Opening Hours

 BASI qualifications retain SCQF database recognition

The University of Edinburgh's Board of Studies met earlier this month and BASI has now had confirmation that the Quality Assurance report that needs to be submitted annually, to retain qualification recognition, has been approved. All 24 BASI courses will remain on the SCQF database.

Why is this important? By aligning the BASI qualifications with the SCQF, It provides the following benefits:

1. The credits received for each course can be used as evidence of an ability to work at that level of difficulty. This can be useful for applying for jobs which may require, for example, ‘a degree or equivalent’. 
2. The credits received can be used as evidence of the work completed to apply for entry to courses in further and higher education. As BASI courses are on the SCQF this makes the process much more straightforward .
3. One further advantage of the process of credit rating is that the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework is aligned with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) which means that courses are recognised throughout Europe - this may become more critical as we enter a Brexit phase of withdrawal negotiations and bilateral negotiations.