Course Exemption Process

Q: Can I join BASI if I have a qualification from another organisation?

A: Yes, you can join as an Associate Member of BASI in the normal way and book onto BASI courses. If you want BASI to recognise your existing snowsport instructor qualifications and provide exemption to a BASI course you will have to apply through the Exemption Process. There is an Exemption Processing fee that applies to applicants.

Q: How do I apply for a BASI course exemption?

BASI will only consider Course Exemption Applications if applicants meet one or more the following criteria:

  1. You are a current GB athlete in a snowsports discipline with current National Team status (this needs to be verified by BSS) or,
  2. You have a valid qualification from an ISIA registered teaching system obtained within the last five years  or,
  3. You have a recognised University degree in a relevant subject that is closely related to the BASI snowsports teaching and technical syllabus for which you are seeking exemption.

NOTE: No BASI qualifications are awarded for any exemption given. Do not apply unless you satisfy the criteria above.

Course Exemption Procedure:

Applicants can call the BASI Office to discuss their exemption, email or post documentation.

  1. Prepare an Exemption Dossier and include as much relevant support information as possible including: copies of official documentation/certificates, logbooks, teaching hours, references.
  2. Prepare a cover letter with subject title “BASI Course Exemption Application” and include your full details (name, address, date of birth, email and phone number). Please state if you are currently a BASI Member and what course (s) exemptions you are applying for.
  3. Send your cover letter and Exemption Dossier to BASI, Morlich House, 17 The Square, Grantown on Spey, PH26 3HG. (Payment will be taken at the end of the process).
  4. On receipt of all evidence the exemption will be considered. This can take between 2  - 20 working days depending on the complexity of the exemption application.
  5. The Applicant will be contacted by the BASI office regarding the outcome. Payment will be taken and the exemption note will be added to BASI records.