Qualification Required

  • BASI Level 2 Qualification

Like Austria, the Swiss authorities recognise and have different qualifications for Alpine, Snowboard, Nordic and Telemark disciplines. Although in the past, the authorities in some Cantons have been relaxed about qualifications and have permitted people to teach after 5 days of in-house training, this option is quickly diminishing. Most ski schools now insist on employing qualified instructors from a recognised governing body such as BASI or its Swiss counterpart, Swiss Snowsports.

Work Permit​

As Switzerland is not a member of the EU, work permits are required. An instructor must apply to a recognised ski school in Switzerland and obtain a job offer and contract. Once a contract is in place, the ski school will apply for a work permit and only when a permit has been granted can the instructor work for that ski school. The general impression that Switzerland is more relaxed about instructors working illegally than for instance France, is mistaken. 
Instructors should be very careful if they are offered work without a permit because, if caught (through the regular police checks on ski schools and individuals), the financial penalties are severe for all parties concerned and could result in deportation from Switzerland! 

Other Information

An instructor cannot work in Switzerland independently without holding the Swiss level 3 qualification and Patente through either of the routes for gaining equivalence shown below. This can be is difficult to obtain and a time-consuming process. 

Gaining Equivalence

There are two routes to gaining the Swiss equivalent of your BASI Qualification, one is through a paperwork exercise with the Swiss government authorities (SEFRI) and the other involves a practical assessment with Swiss Snowsport; both of which are detailed in this diagram(written in French).

A reasonable competence level in French or German is a requirement to be able to complete either process.

  1. Click here for the Swiss Snowsport route
  2. Click here for the SEFRI route

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