The Passing of Danny McCabe

Words by Dave Morris:

It is with heavy heart that BASI has learned of the passing of Danny McCabe on the 25th August 2020.

Danny had a distinguished service in the Royal Navy spanning from his teenage years until he retired at 45 years old having reached the post of Lieutenant Commander.  Danny then embarked on new goals, one of which was to complete his BASI qualifications.

Danny went about this with his customary fervour and it is through this period that many BASI members would have had the good fortune to come across this lovely man. Through his endeavours he passed both his ISTD technical exam as well as completing his Swiss Brevet Federal qualification.  After a life at sea, Danny’s ‘naval culture’ was very much part of who he was and many a member can recount tales of how he conducted himself in a multitude of situations according to his naval values. In situations ranging from the serious to the light-hearted his steady character brought balance and good humour to the table.  

Danny was a man whose principles were clear to see after only spending a little bit of time with him. Playing just and fair, working hard and keeping in good humour were lynchpins of his character. Many younger contemporaries who trained alongside him will testify to his work ethic and persistence being exemplary for them. His ability to positively contribute to a team was undoubtedly an invaluable skill learned from his naval years.

Of course, Danny was also a much-loved friend and colleague to many in our community and each and every one of them has their own collection of funny tales or humorous encounters that they can draw upon in this sad time.  

The empty space left by Danny can’t be easily filled with words but it is fitting and just that we recognise the departure of a much loved and respected man.

He is survived by his wife Adrienne where they lived in Lancashire.