Shadow and Teaching Hours

Q: What are shadow hours and teaching hours?

A: Shadow Hours and Teaching hours are practical working hours that you are required to undertake as part of each BASI Qualification Level. The hours for the Level 1 Qualification are also referred to as Snowsport school Experience and normally done under the supervision of a recognised ski school. The hours must be logged and signed off by a competent person (normally the ski school director).

Q: Where can I do my shadow or teaching hours?

A:   Depending on the Qualification Level you are undertaking, you can complete your shadow or teaching hours on a dry slope, indoor slope or with a professional ski school. You should contact the head instructor of your local ski school and ask if they will support you in completing your shadow hours. Full details on the number of shadow/teaching hours required for each level and when they need to be completed can be found on the qualifications pages.

Q: How many shadow and teaching hours do I need to do for my BASI qualification?

A:  The required hours will vary depending on which level of qualification you are working towards. 35 ours of shadowing are required for Level 1 and these must be completed AFTER your Level 1 course.  Any hours you have gained before the course will not be valid. For details of the hours required for each qualification level, check out the qualification pages.

Q: How do I log and submit my shadow and teaching hours?

Students can submit their shadow hours to BASI in 2 ways:

1) Complete a BASI Hours Log Sheet and get this signed by the Ski School Director and stamped with the ski school stamp or,

2) Provide a detailed breakdown on ski school headed paper of the hours and tasks undertaken. This needs to be signed off by the Ski School Director and sent to the BASI office.

NOTE!: You may book onto a Level 2 course before submitting your required hours for Level 1 BUT your signed hours for Level 1 MUST BE RECEIVED by the BASI office 5 DAYS BEFORE the start date of the booked Level 2 course or you will not be eligible to attend and your course fee remains payable.

Q: Do I get paid for my shadow and teaching hours?

A: It is not usual to be paid by a ski school to undertake your shadow hours (ski school experience) for Level 1 as you will be working with or alongside someone with more experience who will be responsible for the group. You should not however have to pay a ski school to undertake your shadow hours at Level 1. You should expect to be paid for teaching hours from Level 2 and above when you are wholly responsible for the group you are teaching.