How do I keep my licence to teach valid?

In order to receive a BASI licence you must firstly pay your membership subs.

Once you have paid your membership subs you must have 3 things in place at the beginning of each season.

If you do not satisfy all of this criteria you will be sent a membership card but not a licence. If you have received a membership card but think you should have a licence please get in touch with the BASI office.

1. First Aid certificate: You must hold at least a 2 day first aid qualification. More information on our first aid requirements can be found here (link to first aid page). This must be renewed every 3 years.

2. Criminal Record Disclosure: You must provide a valid CRD certificate for your country of residence. BASI do accept a basic disclosure however your employer may request that you join the PVG scheme. Any form of disclosure must be updated every 3 years.

You can apply for a basic disclosure by clicking here (

If you have not been living at your UK address for at least the last 12 months you will need to apply using a paper application form available for download on the disclosure Scotland website.

More information about joining the PVG scheme is available by clicking here (

3. CPD module: You must refresh your BASI qualification at least once every 3 years. BASI Level 1 & Level 2 instructors must attend at least a 1 day refresher every 3 years.

BASI level 3 & level 4 instructors must attend at least a 1 day refresher every year or 3 days every 3 years.

More information on CPD modules for all levels can be found by clicking here (link to CPD page)

Please note, attending any BASI course will count as a CPD module.

NB. If any of these elements expire throughout the season your licence will not be valid and you will not be covered by BASI’s public liability insurance. It is up to you to make sure you keep all these element up to date.