Criminal Record Disclosure (CRD) checks

At BASI, we’ve been having a close look at our processes with the aim of improving member’s experience. One of the things we’ve been reviewing is our licensing requirements, in particular our requirements for a criminal record disclosure.

We met with the UK Disclosure & Barring Service to clarify the facts around disclosure checks, and we found out that:

·      Disclosure checks exist so employers can check your criminal record, helping organisations employ the right people for certain types of work.

·      Your employer, or an organisation that you volunteer for can apply for disclosure checks on your behalf.

·      The barring service doesn't monitor people with basic disclosure, so the certificate is only valid when it's created and not for a specific length of time.

·      The basic disclosure would not cover individuals working with vulnerable groups (for example children).

With this information, it became clear that:

1.     The basic check wouldn’t be sufficient for most working instructors as they often work with vulnerable groups.

2.     Employers need to complete their own CRD checks for instructors.

3.     Basic disclosures should not be deemed as valid for 3 years.

The UK Disclosure & Barring service recommend that:

Overall, there is no real reason why BASI needs to ask for criminal record disclosures because BASI does not employ its members. Those who ultimately employ BASI members are the ones responsible for conducting criminal record checks. BASI’s sub-contracted trainers can be asked to provide checks, because these individuals provide a service to BASI.

Based on this, we’re reviewing our Criminal Record Disclosure policy. We’ll no longer require a CRD for members to receive a teaching licence, however it will still appear on the licence page for the time being. It will eventually be phased out and the responsibility for checking CRDs will lie with the employer or with the individual if working as an independent instructor.

This change will save members the £25 cost of requesting a CRD every 3 years and should prevent them wasting time applying for something that is not suitable. We will still request criminal record disclosures for those who work occasionally for BASI, for example trainers.

BASI will continue to work alongside the Home Nations as part of the Safeguarding in British Snowsports (SIBS) network.