Criminal Convictions

Q: What happens if I have a criminal record and this shows on the disclosure?

A: BASI will conduct a risk assessment on every disclosure that has a conviction or caution of any nature. All convictions are assessed for relevancy and an individual’s suitability to work with children or vulnerable groups. Old and juvenile offences are not viewed as seriously as recent offences. Minor and financial crimes are usually disregarded. Recent assaults, violent offences with prison sentences, sexual crimes and drugs supply are taken much more seriously.

Q: If I have a conviction/caution will this prevent me from receiving a BASI Licence to instruct or coach?

Having a criminal record will not usually prevent an individual from working or volunteering with snowsport teaching/coaching. BASI will follow its risk assessment policy and consider the relevancy of the conviction/caution with respect to safeguarding children and an individual’s suitability to work with children and/or vulnerable groups.

Note: When you join BASI as a Member you agree to abide by its Professional Code of Conduct and are subject to the Associations policies, regulations and disciplinary procedures.  Unprofessional behaviour may result in disciplinary action.