Telemark CPD


BASI CPD (formally known as BASI refresher) is a process by which you, BASI members, can further your educational training and update your skills to the required level to maintain your licence to work within the parameters of the qualification you hold and the regulations within the country that teaching will be carried out.

BASI CPD covers a range of skill development and learning activities suitable for the varying levels in the BASI system.  The modules offer you the opportunity to choose topics that you are interested in developing and areas of personal skill development that have been highlighted for further development.  It is inclusive, informative and educational for all.

The BASI CPD system has also been designed to comply with ISIA requirements for those members who hold Level 3 ISIA or Level 4 ISTD levels of qualification.

What CPD credits are you required to do?

  • Level 1 & 2 members require minimum of 1 credit every 3 years
  • Level 3 ISIA & 4 ISTD members require minimum of 3 credits every 3 years

Credits can be obtained by participating in BASI run courses and an external credit system is also in place so that you can apply for credit from attending other training courses outside BASI.

NB: Holders of Telemark qualifications can attend the Alpine CPD. Click here.

For more information and before booking a course please ensure you read the CPD members information document:

Members’ information Document


 Current CPD Days









 Level 1 & 2 Tech/Teach   1 Day  1 & 2  All  Discipline Specific
 Level 3 & 4 Teaching  1 Day  3 & 4  All  Discipline Specific
 Level 3 & 4 Technical  1 Day  3 & 4  All  Discipline Specific 
 Mountain Safety  1 Day  3 & 4  Mountain   All
 Teaching Children  1 Day  1, 2, 3 & 4   All  All
 Freestyle  1 Day  1, 2, 3 & 4  All  Discipline Specific

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