Qualification Information: Snowboard Level 1 Instructor

*35hrs Snowsport School Experience has to be completed after attending the Snowboard Level 1 Instructor Course, any hours completed before attending the course will not be accepted.

Please Note: Your licence will not be valid without a minimum of a BASIC Criminal Record Disclosure, click here or a Valid First Aid & Emergency Certificate, click here. Your licence needs to be Refreshed at least 1 day every 3 years, click here.

Re-assessments must be taken within 2 years of the date of the course they have failed otherwise the candidate will be required to pay for and attend the whole course again.

If a candidate fails both the Teaching and the Technical elements of the course, they must retake the whole 5 day Level 1 course.

If a candidate fails the Teaching or Technical element of the course, they can book onto a 1 day Refresher/L1 Re-assessment course.

If a candidate fails the 1 day Re-assessment course twice, they must complete the whole 5 day Level 1 course again. 

GAP Level 1 Re-assessment 
Any student who fails the Teaching or Technical element of their Level 1 during a GAP course must be re-assessed preferably 2 weeks before the start of the Level 2 course. It is up to the student and/or GAP provider to organise a 1 day re-assessment with a Trainer.  The student/GAP provider must pay the Trainer directly and also cover any expenses for travel, accommodation, lift pass etc.

No Level 1 Re-assessment should take place during the Level 2 course.

Any student who fails both the Technical and the Teaching element of any course is normally advised to retake the ‘whole’ course and this will be noted on their individual Course Report Form submitted by their Trainer. A student who fails only part of the course may be advised to attend a re-assessment. 

This is the entry level course for students who wish to join the BASI Education System. This qualification is for those wishing to find employment in a non-mountain environment, i.e. Dry Slopes and Indoor Snowslopes.

Before applying for a Snowboard Level 1 Instructor course, students must:

  • Be able to ride confidently on red runs, linking rhythmical small radius turns close to the fall line at a steady pace.
  • Be able to ride red runs confidently in control.
  • Have at least 16 weeks experience of riding on slope and probably more.

Students who are unsure whether or not they are at the necessary standard should ask a qualified BASI/BSA member for advice.

The following pre-requisites must be met before attending a Snowboard Level 1 Instructor course, Students must:

  • Complete the declaration on the booking form and return it to the BASI office.
  • Join BASI as an Associate Member.
  • Be 16 years of age or older.

Successful students will be issued a certification to work on dry slopes or indoor snow slopes or in a mountain environment for a BASI Approved Ski School, if working under the direct supervision of a L2 or above qualified member. (Direct supervision means within sight and hearing distance.). Students will be able to work with novice and early intermediate snowboarders. Individuals who do not reach the required level may be required to resit all or part of the course.

Please Note: Prices shown for courses at Chillfactore Manchester, SNO!zone Braehead, Castleford and Milton Keynes include course fee and lift pass only and do not include the cost of accommodation, insurance or travel to/from the venue. Prices shown for courses at other venues are for the course fee only.

If you are booking onto a Level 1 Course, you will be issued with the Snowboard/Generic Manual on the first day of your course - please DO NOT buy them.