BASI Business Partners

What are BASI Business Partners?

BASI's Business Partners (BBP) are a carefully selected group of professional operators who all offer instructor training programmes following the BASI Qualification Pathway.  

Why do a BASI Qualification?

BASI's reputation for training snowsports instructors has been growing for over 50 years. BASI has studied the teaching and technical philosophies from the European Alpine nations and the Americas and has evolved and developed its own BASI Qualification Pathway which is now a highly respected snowsports instructor qualification system with an international reputation. The demand for qualified snowsports instructors in the UK is not big, so BASI qualified instructors serious about pursuing their career dreams in snowsports teaching have had to seek employment overseas. BASI is one of the UK snowsports industries biggest success stories with 6,000 Members in total, working in over 38 countries world wide. BASI qualified instructors work in ski resorts all over the world. A career as a snowsports instructor is no longer a short term aspiration that you do for a few years to travel and have fun. BASI has Members who have made snowsports their full time career, working winters and sometimes summer too, many running their own successful ski schools or managing busy ski schools in some of the worlds top resorts. For those with the desire and ambition, a long term career in snowsports is a reality that deliver a great standard of living.   In order to get a job BASI instructors have to be not only good at what they do on the mountain with clients but they must also have the social and communication skills to co-operate and succeed within cultures and communities that are foreign to them. BASI Instructors who are serious about making this their chosen career are more than just instructors, they are resourceful, adaptable, professionals. BASI's reputation is built on it's Members reputations. 

What do BASI Business Partners do for Me?

As demand for the BASI instructor qualification has increased, BASI has developed a team of  BASI Business Partners. The BASI Business Partners are companies in their own right and they are able to offer a range of instructor training programmes in countries and resorts where BASI knows aspiring instructors want to undertake their training.  BBP's all offer as a minimum the opportunity to complete the BASI Level 1 and Level 2 assessment weeks (Alpine and / or Snowboard) within their own training programmes. These assessment weeks are delivered by BASI Trainers and the training you will receive by the BBP outside the BASI assessment weeks will be delivered by either a BASI ISTD qualified teacher or a BASI recognised equivalent. The BBP's include  BASI assessment weeks in their own training programmes, these vary from stand alone BASI course weeks, to 3 week intensive courses for BASI Level 1 or Level 2 to more popular programmes like the mini gap (6 weeks) and the 10 week gap, where students spend a longer period living and training in a mountain resort. Once qualified many of the 10 week gap courses also offer the opportunity to work (and get paid) in a ski school environment. The BASI Business Partners offer students great choice on how they achieve their BASI qualification, you are in control of deciding your country, resort, course length and budget. Some of the BASI Business Partners also offer training and mentoring that will take you through the complete BASI Qualification Pathway from BASI Level 1 right through to BASI ISTD Level 4 - the International Ski Teaching Diploma.

How do I know the Company I Choose is a BASI Business Partner?

If the Company is not listed on this page it has NOT been through the tender business process and has not been recognised by BASI as an approved BASI Business Partner. What all BBP's have in common is that they are carefully selected by BASI as Partners. They have had to tender for their Business Partner Contract. The tender process involves a rigorous review of their business operation and includes not only their operational performance on and off the mountain, but their service standards, financial strength, the quality of their own training team (who delivers your training outside BASI assessment weeks), their student feedback processes and their pastoral care policy towards students. The BBP's that you find on this page have all been approved and recognised by BASI to promote and sell training programmes that include BASI assessment weeks within their own programmes. Only BASI Business Partners are entitled to use the BASI Partner logo on their own web sites and promotional literature, so you know when you book your instructor course you are booking with an approved BASI Business Partner. If you are in any doubt about the status of a Company offering BASI courses please contact us. 

Welcome to BASI, we wish you every success with your instructor training programme.

Updated: RM 20 Aug 2014