Alpine Ski Pathway

Key Features

The training system clearly enhances BASI's reputation. BASI's top qualification matches the awards of all the major European Alpine Countries with BASI being one of the few countries that can conduct the Euro Speed Test and Mountain safety courses (required for BASI Level 4 ISTD). 

The training system acknowledges the different needs of the European market, the rest of the world market and at the same time the domestic market, allowing for sensible and achievable goal-setting. It is important for students to note that the system meets the new requirements of the ISIA minimum standards and that the titles of the new qualifications have been designed to ensure easy recognition of each qualification and easier employability. 

The training system matches training time and effort with the value of each award. Therefore the time taken to achieve Level 1 Instructor is five days. To gain the Level 4 ISTD qualification should take from three to five years, where upon employment opportunities are considerable.