Qualification Information: Alpine Ski Level 2 Instructor

*35 hrs of shadowing/teaching must be completed and submitted to the BASI Office 5 days prior to commencing the Alpine Level 2 Instructor course. Ideally these hours should be teaching on a dry slope or indoor slope or shadowing an instructor in a snowsport school in Europe.

Please Note: Your licence will not be valid without a minimum of a BASIC Criminal Record Disclosure, click here or a Valid First Aid & Emergency Certificate, click here. Your licence needs to be Refreshed at least 1 day every 3 years, click here.

Re-assessments must be taken within 2 years of the date of the course failed, otherwise the candidate will be required to pay for and attend the whole course again.

If a candidate fails both the Teaching and the Technical elements of the course, they must retake the whole 10 day Level 2 course.

If a candidate fails either the Teaching or Technical element of the course, they can book onto a 5 day L2 Re-assessment course.

Please Note: Places for UKAIs and Level 2 Teaching re-assessments will be limited to 4 per group of 10 students.

If a candidate fails the 5 day Re-assessment course twice, they must complete the whole 10 day Level 2 course again.

Any candidate who needs to take a 1 week re-assessment is not allowed to book onto 1 week of the 10 day course but must book onto the 5 day re-assessment course.

Entry Criteria
Students should arrive with an understanding of both the technical and teaching philosophy of BASI. 

The following pre-requisites must be met before attending an Alpine Level 2 Instructor course. Students must have:

  • Successful completion of the Alpine Level 1 Instructor Qualification 
  • An additional 35 hours of Snowsport School Experience is required between completion of the Alpine Level 1 Instructor course and attendance of the Alpine Level 2 Instructor course 

Successful students will be able to ski to a competent level, and have the knowledge, ability and understanding to safely teach alpine skiing up to and including parallel standard on marked pistes. Individuals who do not reach the required level may be required to resit all or part of the course.